Friday, June 03, 2005

Reporting Services doing a great job

In other news, our Reporting Services solution is delivering 20-25 reports per second (easily getting the 8 per second which was our goal. The reports are available around 01:10am where the target is 07:30am, I guess we can generate some more :-D

A couple of minor data issues the first 2 days in production but everything went quite well.

/me is happy

How to avoid "Parameter Sniffing" in SQL Server 2000

Here's a great article about parameter sniffing.
Funny he's using Belgium as an example, it's where I live :)

Monday, May 30, 2005

Tomorrow will be the big day.
The first test run in production today was a bit disappointing :( Instead of 32 we were only getting 17 reports per second. Although that is still twice the amount we need I would have hoped that the performance would be better. The problem is that there are other processes running (and quite heavy ones) while the reports are being generated. Because the new SAN has to be installed we are running all this on local disks atm.