Friday, January 20, 2006

Myth Busters

Euan started a nice category on his blog... Myth Busters (love that show btw).
Instead of trying to sink a boat with a self constructed shark Euan will try to explain some SQL Server Myths (and probably bust a couple - 1 down... many to go)


Thursday, January 19, 2006

SSIS Performance Tips

Not that I am an experienced SSIS developer but I'll try to give some general guidelines to optimize the performance of bulk import operations.

  • Try to get your flat files sorted by the clustered index of the destination table
  • Use the 'Fast Parse' option; there are some limitations for date (time) and integer data
  • For OLEDB Connections use the Fast Load setting
  • Use a SQL Server Destination if possible (can be up to 25% faster!)
  • Use BULK_LOGGED recovery model for your SQL Server destinations
  • The MaxConcurrentExecutables package setting defines how many tasks can run concurrently (default number of logical cpus + 2)
  • Change the EngineThreads property of a task (defaults to 5 but could support more on multi-processor servers - testing is the key)
  • Run parallel import steps if possible
  • Use the right isolation level for your package and container
  • Import into a heap from multiple files in parallel and then recreate the indexes (clustered first then the non-clustered indexes)

Long term memory

Today I convinced a colleague to start blogging by telling him that I consider it my long-term memory.

He is the tool guru aka Mr. Concept (and a bit .NET guru too :p)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Treeview AfterSelect and changing focus

When you want to set focus to another control in the AfterSelect method of a treeview there seems to be a problem with the behavior. Focus is set to the control but is then returned to the Treeview.

Forcing the Focus asynchronously seems to solve this little issue.


Add a delegate:

private delegate bool _methodInvoker();

Now in the AfterSelect handler add the following code:

myControl.BeginInvoke(new _methodInvoker(myControl.Focus));

Kept me busy quite some time :-(