Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Remember that name as it will be your next password just like yukon was :-)

The next version of SQL Server (codename Katmai) will also be the home for WinFS!

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SQL Server Upgrade Advisor and Trace Files

One of the better tools for SQL Server 2005 is definitely the Upgrade Advisor. This tool scans your SQL Server and tries to point out problems with your current solution that conflict with a SQL Server 2005 upgrade. It's better to know this before you install everything, right? Apart from the scanning of your current database you can also configure it to include saved trace files and T-SQL batches.

Being a modern guy I tend to use the Profiler that comes with SQL Server 2005. Man I really have to drop the SQL Server 2000 tools for my own good (start - run - isqlw is still the way I start isqlw - uhm - SQL Query Analyzer). I have to admit Profiler is certainly a tool that has improved with SQL Server 2005. Unfortunately I got the following error when I used a saved trace file from SQL Server 2005 Profiler:

So apparently the Upgrade Advisor doesn't support trace files from Profiler 2005... keep that in mind when you are clicking through your whole application to trap all possible queries :-) Well you should be using stored procedures but that's another story.

Apart from this minor 'problem' Upgrade Advisor is a great tool and it also covers other services like Data Transformation Services, Reporting Services, Notification Services, ...