Monday, February 14, 2005

We're trying to create a reporting solution with Reporting Services here.

Although I am impressed with the power and features of Reporting Services there are still a lot of questions. Apparently there is little information on the net concerning more advanced topics. In case we find answers to the more 'difficult' questions I'll make sure I post them here. Stay tuned!

Recently a very nice article was posted on MSDN about Snapshot Isolation, check it out

Oh yeah... happy valentine ;-)


Paul Whitaker said...

RS is a fantastic package. I've been successful implementing advanced reports and interacting with the XML Web Service to publish reports over the Intranet and Internet. There are two active google groups on RS, and a number of bloggers talking about RS.

Additionally, Service Pack 2 will be released in the next month, and will address some problems. The package will be included with SQL Server 2005.

Good luck to you.

WesleyB said...

Thanks for the information.
It's good to see that other people are using it in real life production environment!