Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Reporting Services weirdness :s

In order to get a text from a database to display in the page footer you have to include a textbox in the data region and then reference this textbox in a second textbox which you create in the footer region.

No problem so far, a bit weird but not too much trouble. However, when exporting to PDF the footer would just display on the first page and not on all the following pages.

I have solved it by defining an extra parameter, clearing the prompt text and setting the default value to From Query. Select the correct Dataset and the field you would like to use.

Works like a charm.

There was one little issue left though. The report would fail if the stored procedure that retrieved the parameter value would not return any records. I have solved this with the following simple yet effective workaround:

DECLARE @Description varchar(1024)

SELECT @Description = [Description] FROM tbl_document_caption WHERE ...

SELECT @Description as [Description]

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