Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Computer

It's finally time for a new computer. I've got this one for 3 years already and in the geek world that's a mighty long time :-p

This is what I had in mind:

MSI S939 K8N SLI Platinum nForce4UltraSLI 4DCDDR4 2PCI-X Sata 7.1ch FW GLan

AMD Athlon 4200+ 64Bit X2 Dual-Core Processor Socket 939 Boxed with cooler

GEIL Ultra-X Series Dual Channel 1GB 2x512MB PC3200 400MHz Selected 5ns CL 2 5-2-2 GLX1GB3200DC

Western Digital Raptor 74Gb E-Sata 10000rpm 8Mb cache 5,2Mms

Maxtor 300Gb 7200rpm SATA 150 16Mb DiamondMax 10

Gainward PCI-E GT6600GT PowerPack! Ultra/1980PCX TV-DVI 256Mb 2ns DDR3 Fan

Sharkoon Silvation Case - Airflow by included Airtunnel - Alu front panel Screwless - w/o PS

Power Supply 400Watt ATX JJ-400PPGA Silent Intel 2 20/24 pin 8cm SATA - PCI-E Retail + power cable

NEC DVD +R/+-RW ND-3540 Black OEM Dual Layer

DVD LG 8161B 48x16x Tray Blk Black (black or white + black front)

Floppy disk drive Sony 1,44MB Black

A lot of the parts are not available right now so I'll have to wait a while until they are delivered. Finally I will be able to install Windows XP 64 bit, and then probably notice that half my programs no longer work :-s

Any comments on what to buy or not to buy are of course welcome!

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