Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fun with RAW Destination files

As I said before one of the hot projects is Archiving. Because it is the first time a functional archiving process will take place we are talking about a lot of data and a small maintenance window. All this makes performance a key factor.

How do you achieve high performance with SSIS exports?
Use the Raw File Destination.

We have tested a couple of parallel exports to Flat File and repeated this action to the Raw File Destination. The export process went from 31 minutes to 26 minutes and the file size decreased to an incredible 2/3 of the size the Flat File Destination took. Now this may not look like a big gain but all this was as easy as changing the destination type. Another problem is that we are reaching our max read performance. I am convinced that there are more tuning options available and will probably be exploring these tomorrow.

The import process is blazing fast but I will be tuning this even more tomorrow too... let's see what we learn from that. Stay tuned!


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