Monday, March 13, 2006

DevDays 2006 - Clarification

I noticed on Tom Mertens' blog that my words may have been a little too harsh so I felt I should give a more nuanced response. I do not mean any disrespect and I know everyone works very hard to organize such an event. I was just expressing my own personal feeling at that time.I took the SQL Server track and maybe my comment on Tom's blog explains why I personally didn't like it too much. It could be the difference between IT Pro's and Developers which I am... a Database Developer :-)

Maybe this is the real problem in Belgium, Database Developers are kind of an unknown species and we don't see many projects that actually have people that do just that. I hope more and more companies will start to understand the importance of Database Developers so the DevDays can have a separate Database Developers track :-D


Geert Audenaert said...

Hi Dis4ea,

I think you are absolutly right. I took the developper track and as u said (besides the WinFX sessions of Christian Weyer which were very interesting) there was nothing really new.

Best regards,


Tom Mertens said...

Hi Wesley, your words were not too harsh at all. As you wrote, you're just expression your opinion. ;) When organizing an event, we try to find an ideal mix for everybody that attends the event. And that is a very challenging job... Thank you for providing your feedback, btw! It's opinions like yours that are very valuable to us to improve the event next time.