Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DevDays 2006

So... I just attended the Belgian edition of the DevDays.
To be honest I wasn't too thrilled about the sessions, most of the content was too high level to be interesting. I think the technologies presented are already 'too old' to talk about them in such a way. Most of us freaky developers read too much about it or even worked too much with them already.

I was impressed by the visual effects in Vista though. It looks like something in a science fiction movie and I got the urge to grab the windows in a virtual reality kind of way :-) The upgrade-your-memory-by-using-a-usb-stick was really 'funky' too. Apart from that the deployment options seem quite impressive. Unfortunately I took the SQL track for the rest of the day so I didn't get a chance to see some more new features.

Another interesting thing is the creation of the Belgian SQL Server User Group ( Finally some Belgian activity in the SQL Server world; the development side of SQL Server is often forgotten in Belgium so I hope these guys will have some interest in that side of the SQL Server story too.


Peter De Seranno said...

Hi Wesley,
I can confirm that the SQL server User Group BElgium has the intention to cover also the development side of Sql Server. Finally, Sql Server is worth nothing without developers programming on it.

WesleyB said...

Great news. But you mean with database developers programming on it :-) Regular developers should stay away from databases :-D

Just kidding guys ;-)