Monday, September 18, 2006

Holiday - SQLUG Event

Although I'm on a holiday I took the time last week to visit a SQL Server event organized by the Belgian SQL Server User Group (yeah yeah I know => FREAK). Dirk Gubbels from MCS was invited to talk about "SQL server 2005 performance monitoring and tuning".

It was nice review session about performance tuning and the power of SQL Server 2005 regarding this matter.

Great talk by Dirk and nicely organized by the UG.

PS. And yes, another WHOLE week @ home :-)


Bart Bultinck said...

Thx for dropping by and the positive feedback !
//Bart - team

Frederik Vandeputte said...

Nice to hear!
See you soon!

Peter De Seranno said...

Happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Slides and scripts are now downloadable at (for registered users only)

WesleyB said...

You're welcome guys, keep up the good work and we will meet again :-D