Thursday, July 28, 2005

TempDB and missing Device

Just had a nice little incident :-s

One of our development servers was used for tests with a SAN disk. They moved our TempDB to the SAN and after the tests removed the SAN disks. No problem, but they forgot to move the TempDB location to the local disks. Result? No more SQL Server :-x

In order to get it back up we did the following:
Start SQL Server from the command prompt with the following syntax
sqlserver -f -c -T3609 -T4022

-f: minimal configuration mode
-c: not as a service (console mode so you can follow the nice little thingies SQL Server does)
-T3609: skip tempdb creation at startup
-T4022: bypasses automatically started procedures

Then we updated sysdatabases and sysaltfiles (I know it's hardcore) with the correct file locations.

Restart SQL Server and GO GO GO


Suz said...

saved my day with this....thanks


WesleyB said...

Glad I could be of help!