Friday, July 29, 2005

An unexpected error occurred in Report Processing. (rsUnexpectedError)

I'm creating one of the most important reports for the business and I'm having a weird problem. The report renders just fine in the browser but as soon as I try to export it to a PDF (which is basically what we do with all our reports - of course automatically through the webservice) it crashes with the above mentioned error.

After some surfing I came across an article in the Reporting Services newsgroup where one MattiasT had the same problem and he found the conditions for it to happen.

1. You are using a table.
2. The HideDuplicates property is used on a detail cell in this table.
3. The table contains a subreport.

And sure enough... when I remove the HideDuplicates the report generates just fine.

Unfortunately there seems to be no solution for the time being, except for changing the way you create the report because having all 3 conditions is a prerequisite.

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